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Get that special science lover in your life something unique and cool!

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STEM Academy


I have some exciting news to share! Over the long President’s day weekend I was asked to give a talk to a STEM Academy near my home town. One of the staff members there found my Periodic Table and thought it fit well with their school. So they contacted me and asked me to speak about art and science and how I use both inside and outside of my classroom.

This was a first time thing for me and I was nervous to say the least, but I think the kids enjoyed it and it seemed like it was received well! I talked about how I loved science and art as a kid and how I was able to continue drawing with the support from so many people. I showed a progress shot of my work from when I started (it’s actually now about a year and a half old so hopefully I’ve gotten better). You can see a big gap from the very beginning to one year. Then it starts to even out! Yes I was absolutely afraid to draw girls back then.


I showed them some of my other drawings, and favorite super elements. I also created a STEM superhero team for the school and they are going to have a contest of who can color it the best. They will then send it back to me and I will finish the picture with their colors! Pretty neat! I actually recorded myself drawing them and sped it up so the kids could see my process and I’ve included it below. (side note: One kid knew who it was when I put Booster Gold up as my favorite Super Hero!)

All in all it was an awesome experience and I will continue to challenge myself and get better and find new and creative ways to mix science and art together. So if you are reading this and you are from the STEM Academy… THANK YOU! Thank you for being so welcoming and awesome!

As Always Store is always open!

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Going All In on This!

So I’ve created a YouTube account for this too! I’m going to start doing short videos to answer student questions! Below is the first installment. It is nowhere near where I want it to be (I need more sound effects!) but as they say… Sucking as something is the first step to being good at something! Hope you enjoy!

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Product Highlight

The Periodic Table of Super Elements! 
The Book!


18_argon_bookUntitled-1 19_potassium_book

The Periodic Table of Super Element Book includes all element superheroes with extended descriptions compared to the flashcards. It comes spiral bound for easy super element page flipping action!

You can find it on the store as well as all the other Super Element stuff!

It’s quite a good reference point for smaller research projects or just kiddos trying to learn a little extra about science their favorite table of elements!

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I Put Together a Little Thing

For anyone who is visiting this site because of something you Googled and are thinking to yourself “What did I just stumble upon?”

I made you a thing!

Unfortunately Powtoon cannot be embedded into this site yet so I settled for a Youtube version. This means it’s a little grainier and you cannot click on the link so here is the link for the store!

Funny story… My students actually introduced me to this “Powtoon” deal when they were doing a presentation in my classroom a few years ago!

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An Update

I’m going to be taking the Periodic Table of Super Element POSTER and the Mohs Scale of Super Mineral Hardness down from the store for a bit.

I’m going to explore some options when it comes to printing them so I can still have quality posters, but also the ability to to be laminated. Shipping prices also may be affected as well due. The flashcards, books, and stickers are still available.

il_570xN.618785136_58h2 large-1644367-1

On another note there is some decently big news coming in February. I’ll probably wait until February starts to share it. But it could shape up to be a pretty big month!

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Product Highlight

The Periodic Table of Super Element Flashcards!

il_570xN.622239053_p7no          il_570xN.618785136_58h2

The flashcards are designed with the Super Element picture, symbol, and atomic number on the front.

The back includes information including a description, boiling and melting point, and atomic mass.


These flashcards highlight every element from Hydrogen (1) to Nobelium (102). Elements 103-118 are grouped together as Super Heavy Elements. Flashcards are a great way to quickly study and retain knowledge.

If anything these things will help you on the element science questions in “Trivia Crack”

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