Get One of These Now! DO IT! What Are You Waiting For!?

It’s August and you know what that means… One… Long… Sunday…

School is starting back up and you don’t want to be left out of the science loop!

That’s where I come in! Grab one of my Super Element products here and be the coolest kid in science class, next to that kid who was able to get the newest Jordan’s… But who cares about shoes?!

There is the one and only Periodic Table of Super Elements!


The Super Element flashcard pack! (103 cards with descriptions!)


And the Mohs Scale of Super-Mineral Hardness!



Don’t be left out! They are all for sale here and they ship out in 2-3 days right to your doorstep! If you don’t have a door step then I’m sorry I offended you!



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Back in Action!

The store is back in action after a successful Indiegogo campaign! You can head over here to purchase a poster, mineral poster, stickers, or bookmarks for your classroom! You’ll have to cut me some slack because I still teach and coach full time and getting things out takes me a little bit. But I hope you spread the word!

Next step is flashcards and a book!

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Indiegogo Campaign!

Hi friends,

It’s been a long and arduous journey with this Periodic Table. But I think I’ve finally found a way to get it going!

I started an Indiegogo Campaign over here! I’ll give you the low-dow, down below.

Getting down to brass tacks… I need money. But then again, that’s why crowd-funding sites like Indiegogo exist.


The Good News: I already have the poster done and ready to print so there is no worry that I won’t finish it, and I have a nice supply of ready to ship perks available!

The Bad News: Money

  • I need money to get this thing off the ground and into classrooms. I’m looking to have enough money to purchase enough product to start selling and shipping.
  • The money you put towards my project will fund the first set of posters AND it will get me started on the flashcards and book I’ll be making.

Things you can get for helping include stickers, bookmarks, or mineral posters! All drawn by me, so you know they are the bee’s knees!

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Can Science be Even More Super?

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