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The Periodic Table of Super Element Flashcards!

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The flashcards are designed with the Super Element picture, symbol, and atomic number on the front.

The back includes information including a description, boiling and melting point, and atomic mass.


These flashcards highlight every element from Hydrogen (1) to Nobelium (102). Elements 103-118 are grouped together as Super Heavy Elements. Flashcards are a great way to quickly study and retain knowledge.

If anything these things will help you on the element science questions in “Trivia Crack”

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My Favorite Element You Might Ask?

Just in case you found yourself here and thought to yourself… Man-o-man, he drew 103 elements, how can he possibly have a favorite?!

Don’t worry! I’ll let you in on the answer!

My favorite super element and all around favorite element is….. GOLD!


Gold was designed after my favorite superhero Booster Gold because of obvious reasons. I just love gold for some reason. Maybe because it doesn’t tarnish, or its use for coins and jewelry, or the many uses it has. But one thing is for certain… I love it.

Don’t forget the store!

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A Little Side Project

A friend of mine gave me two black canvases. I used one for a drawing he wanted.

This is what I’m using the other for. Boy I sure do love the elements….


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A Little Background on Myself and Science

I couldn’t complete the Periodic Table of Super Elements without actually liking science and having the drive to finish something that big. Science to me is special… Not only because I’m a science teacher, but also because I really, truly, disliked it in high school.

I used to love science in grade school/middle school. The planets fascinated me (Mars was my favorite), I was obsessed with fossils so much that I reread a book on them at least 20 times from my grade school library (T-Rex is clearly the best), and I was so interested in how things work that my dad used to buy me “How Things Work” books.

But then came high school biology and chemistry. Biology was disappointing because it was all centered around taking 50-100 question tests and memorizing things from a book. Not quite what I had in mind when I was growing up. Chemistry was literally taking notes every day. We did labs here and there but the teacher was so dry that I just felt like they were chores. (As a side note: Physics was actually pretty fun as a senior)

Now looking back I can say that yes, memorizing things from a book and taking notes is important. But my teachers never explained to me why it was important and they looked like they just hated life. If you are going to make me do something, either explain why it’s important for later in my life or look like you enjoy what you do!

All of this put together made me make science my own passion. I wasn’t going to let that type of thing take away a long standing interest of mine. I still read books and articles (thanks to my parent’s dial up modem) and I still had a passion for it, but it was definitely different than just liking it in school.

Fast forward to College. I was decently good at digital art due to an elective in high school I took senior year, which allowed me to go off campus to a digital art classroom. I decided I wanted to do graphic design. How wrong I was. I found that advertising in that sense to me was extremely un-fulfilling. You mean to tell me I have to COMPETE with other people on how good my designs were?! I can barely take it when my friends look at my drawings. So I dropped that and applied to the college of education to pick up my passion and teach science.

I didn’t want to be like some of the teachers I had in the past. My goal was to make science REAL for my students and I was going to make them appreciate it  by showing them how much I loved it.

And so here I am… Teaching 7th grade science at a school I love, trying my best to show them that science is pretty dang neat with a poster I created using my artistic abilities and my love of science!

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Teachers Pay Teachers


For those of you who are on Teachers Pay Teachers I’ve created a store for my periodic table as well as some other things!

The prices appear higher because I’ve worked the shipping into them so you pay one fee on that site.

Hopefully this drives up some traffic to my sites and to the products I worked hard on creating.

large-1644343-1 large-1644360-1 large-1644367-1

Don’t forget that I’ve created a downloadable lesson plan for you if you like the idea of introducing Super Elements into your classroom. You can always either show mine for ideas before the project, or show them after and talk about various super heroes and their elemental characteristics! Periodic Table of Super Element Project

If Teachers Pay Teachers isn’t for you, you can always visit the regular store!

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Super Element Lesson Plan

Seeing as though this whole endeavor of the Periodic Table of Super Elements started with a lesson being taught about elements and having students make their own Super Elements I’ve decided to share a lesson plan I’ve created for it!

So here it is for all the teachers out there…

Periodic Table of Super Element Project

Clicking that link should download the .docx for you to use/edit to your liking!

You are free to add/take out anything you would like it in! All I ask is that you share with me some of your favorite super elements done by your students.

You can email me at ptosuperelements[at]gmail[dot]com and as always you can visit the store!


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The Process

I figured I would try and take you all (do people read this?!) through the process I went through while I created all of these superheroes.

Step 1. Research. I went to various websites… Ok… Mostly Wikipedia… And read as much information I could until something sparked.


Step 2. Using any bit of information that I thought interesting/helpful enough I started to form in my head the image of a superhero. I used anything from industrial uses, to oxidation colors, to old names-new and old-(Wolfram, Einsteinium), to even places of discovery!


Step 3: Open up Photoshop and do a sketch.

neon (a neon hipster!)

Step 4: Ink and color the drawing.


Step 5: Get the atomic number and weight, summarize the information, and put the picture completely together!


It’s a simple enough process and because it’s relatively simple I’ll be including a simple lesson plan and rubric that you can download to do this with your students!

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